Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Day 20 - New Faces

So, I have been working incredibly hard behind scenes for Nevermore. As those close to me know I've had a very clear vision for the dolls since day one and have been working non-stop until the dolls I make resemble that which I see. Up until now I have never been happy with the faces, I always knew I could do better. I sculpted a new master head which I am finally delighted with. There will be variants, but until then, say hello to the new Nevermore face.

 These are some very very candid photos from the worktop, I just really wanted to show you the new faces. These dolls aren't finished, there will be lots more depth and tone on their bodies and faces and they will have eyebrows.

So yes, sorry for the quiet, but don't worry, I've a lot on the way :)

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  1. These are really very nice, I can see the faces could convey all kinds of different emotions, depending on how they were painted; happy, sad, wistful.