Sunday, 6 October 2013

Day 19 (eventually!!)

 My lord it's been a long break on the blog. To be honest I've been pretty busy and have just fallen behind with updating. I've been working on new heads, bodies and characters behind the scenes. I have made a steampunk fairy doll for Sarah Trickler Photography. She is an American photographer who creates wonderful stories and worlds with steampunk and apocalypse styles. I can't wait to see what she does with the fairy. 

Hopefully soon I will bring you more costumed dolls, it is not my intention to produce only elf dolls. However, I must admit I've got a particularly soft spot for this one, her delicate colours and moss remind me of Brian Froud's wonderful work.

I've added the tag "mori" on her etsy listing because she reminds me of that fashion/lifestyle movement, it means girl of the forest. Mori girls are often seen in layered lace clothing, drinking tea or reading and generally enjoying quiet time out in nature. I thought that suited this elf's personality.

She is avaliable to buy now here

I promise I will get back to updating more regularly!!!

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