Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Simple Brogue Shoe Makeover

I've had a pair of brogues for a while now but never really liked their pale tan colour so I decided to give them a little makeover. It was very simple to do:

Step 1. 
Take out the laces from the brogues. Mix up in a little pot water, brown paint and black paint. I used acryllic as I've found it a wonderful paint to work with and its effects to be permanent. I've stained a belt with it before and the results were lovely. I used some felt as a sponge to simply wipe the paint and water solution over the shoes. 

Step 2. 
The solution will be quite thin, the idea is to keep coating the shoes in the solution to build it up, the paint will gradually soak in and begin to darken the leather. These are fake leather shoes and it was working just as well. Let the paint soak into everything on the outside of the shoes, even the string. Don't forget the tongue of the shoes. 

There we go, much darker than when I began. The paint has soaked right into the fake leather and stained it.

Step 3.

I use clear lacquer to seal paintwork. So spray the shoes the shoes with a layer of lacquer.

I used tea dyed lace trim for the shoelaces.

And there we go!

The shoes will lighten a little once they've dried and fully soaked in the paint. So you may want to stain them a few shades darker than your intended results.



  1. That is wonderful, thank you. Adoring the tea soaked lace too. Have you tried with onion skins? that looks good too :)

  2. No I haven't! I'll have to look that up, thank you. :) xx

  3. I didn't know acrylics would work on fake leathers, so this is pretty illuminating. The dark wash brings out the pattern more, too. Very nice!

  4. Now they've dried I ran the toe of one of the brogues under the tap, wiped it with my finger then rubbed it with a towel and no stain came off, or moved or changed at all. So it seems to have worked really well :) xx