Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Final Hurdle : Hair

Well now, perfecting the doll making method has been a pretty long journey so far (8 months). With many different trial and errors to find the best method and style for me. And the final and most bitter battle has been hair.

I have researched and tried a LOT of different hair techniques, each time returning to the same method - gluing hair on strand by strand. While this creates a sturdy head of hair it always results in visible glue. I'm a perfectionist, I want hair that can be brushed and played with, and if the customer looks underneath the hair they won't find ugly glue patches. For this reason I've found many hair making methods not to my liking. 

I've come to the conclusion there's only one solution, which is this:

Now that my dolls are uniform in size I could make numerous wig caps safe in the knowledge they will be suitable for all my dolls. I'm a little concerned the dolls are a tad too small for this method but it feels like it's the only way I'll be safisfied quality wise. With these wig caps the hair will be able to be brushed and styled and played with. Also for me as a maker it'll make doll construction a lot less stressful.


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  1. Oh! Yes, she does give a lovely step-by-step explanation of how it's done. I found her pattern on Pinterest but couldn't trace it back to the original site. I love the technique she gives for making tattered fairy clothes, too.