Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Day 18 {and now for something completely different!}

Let me start at the start, my brain goes at a million miles an hour and is never satisfied, I like to master new things. 

A while ago a friend and I got chatting about projects we wanted to do but never had time for. I mentioned felt teddies. You see for a while there's been a little seed growing in the back of my brain that wanted to give teddy making a go. There we are, and my first character I was interested in making was a fox in a tweed suit.

Tonight, while my boyfriend was playing computer games I got pretty bored and fidgety. I sat down with some printer paper, scissors, a pen and some pins and started something I'd had in mind for a while. 

I've never ever done any pattern making before, and I've got a pretty rubbish track record with dressmaking so I was worried I would really struggle. But surprisingly it came together really quickly!

And look! A fox! He's quite big, but I wanted it that way. So yes, Nevermore will be conducting business as usual but in the evenings I might be dabbling with making foxes in suits and see where it goes.



  1. He looks like he's going to be splendid, with long elegant limbs. Can't wait to see him!