Sunday, 21 July 2013

Continued Doll Development...

It really is coming to be now in waves how much development doll style takes. To put it quite simply my dolls have always had a rather slender, spindly quality to them. For the swap to ball jointed dolls this needed to be padded out to house the joints. 

Yesterday was a very frustrated and very unproductive day for me, consisting of sanding doll necks, painting and re-painting the same set of eyes and a lot of work avoidance tactics and it put me in one hell of a mood. I knew that something was wrong, that dolls are my passion, it should be easy and fun, so why did it feel like a brick wall.

Today the realisation has come, now I am returning to passive jointed dolls I can return to my old doll style, more slender, more exaggerated. 

Also my faces need to hold a hell of a lot more personality. 

This shouldn't be too hard as I've had a huge delivery of fast cure rubber which means I can get these new designs done surprisingly fast. 

It all makes sense when you look at my doll idea sketches....

I understand that this must be pretty annoying for anyone watching my doll making with the intent to buy, I have been developing them for far too long now, and at times I have given the impression I am all but ready to launch. And I myself have felt the same peaks of excitement, only for the bubble to burst with a realisation something is wrong. 

I have had in my mind, for a very long time, a world, hazy in paces and crystaline in others. I can see thousands of characters, again some in vivid detail and others only a feeling in the corner of my mind. I only want to fully open those doors and invite people in when I feel my dolls are actually a representation of this world, only when I feel these characters are laying in resin on my work top will I feel happy. 

Believe me, I can do a lot in a day.

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