Sunday, 21 July 2013

Day 7.

After having my realisation about the doll's designs I brought all my sculpting tools to the livingroom and sat up base camp on the sofa. I've been happily sculpting all day and here is the bulk of my work. This is the first female torso in the new style. Yes it is very slender and very exaggerated, if you look back at the previous post you will see the relation to my doll concept drawings. I will very soon be making a more veluptuous and curvey torso.

It's not quite there yet, there still needs to be collar bone definition and she has no navel yet but we're very nearly there. I am certain this will give the dolls the fluidity and animation I've been craving. I will get on to sculpting new faces as soon as I'm finished and mould straight away as I am very keen to sprint towards the launch of a new shop full of dolls very very soon. 


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