Friday, 19 July 2013

Day 5 & 6.

Day 5 was pretty quiet, lots of pouring and sanding doll parts. I got too tired and fell asleep before I uploaded this photo, hence today's double post :)

Aaaaaand day 6! I made the decision recently to return to passive posable wire link joints as opposed to ball joints. There are many personal reasons behind this decision, in short form it means I can ensure better quality dolls, cheaper dolls and a less stressful doll making process for me. Also I've always loved how a wire loop jointed doll conforms to your hand when you hold it, they will actually lay on you, curl into the crook of your palm, etc, which I feel is interaction you can't get with a ball jointed doll. 

I plan on having a weekend completely devoted to the wigging and dressing of the first few dolls. Hopefully early next week I will be updating the shop to get the vision of Nevermore that I've been holding in my chest for years into reality.

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  1. I love the line-up of dolls! This resin casting is pretty intriguing. I have a question. How heavy are the resin dolls? Do they weigh about the same as a polymer clay one?